Inspection Mirrors - Search Mirrors

Vehicle search mirrors and inspection mirrors are not only used by the police, military and port security authorities, but have become essential to the safety and security operation of commercial organisations throughout the world.

Telescopic search and inspection mirrors provide a practical solution for searching vehicles for bombs, explosives, contraband, or even stowaways, and can also allow easy checking of the content of high sided vehicles from ground level by using a telescopic mirror.

High quality materials and manufacture, make these specialist units the preferred choice for the discerning user, while thoughtful design ensures reliable, practical performance, day or night, in any environment.

We are engaged in offering Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror. The Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror is made using high-grade material and we conduct stringent quality checks in order to assure their optimum quality. The Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror can be availed at market leading prices from us.


High clarity


Excellent grip

Adjustable lengths

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Over-under vehicle 300mm inspection mirror 3mtr telescopic handle 60 lumen light)

Code: SM OVSM321


This practical lightweight extendable inspection mirror is easy to use and control even in poor weather conditions, and the 300mm diameter unbreakable mirror reflects a clear image even though the viewing distance may be several feet. No need to clamber up lorries to check out the roof area, or the contents of high sided open trucks, skips, etc.

LED Illuminated Trolley Type - Inspection Mirror (20 x 40cm mirror area / 6 x illuminators)

Code: SM TM2040L


Super clear images are guaranteed with this rugged, lightweight trolley type under vehicle

search and inspection mirror. 6 bright LED illuminators fitted around the perimeter of the mirror, ensure that there is plenty enough light for the operator get a clear reflection of the underside of the vehicle or area to be searched whatever the general ambient lighting conditions. Obviously illumination is essential to provide a good images in dark areas, but it`s actually equally essential to compensate for the high contrast between the dark underside of a vehicle and bright daylight.

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Over-under vehicle 300mm inspection mirror 3 mtr telescopic handle 400 lumen light



This practical, lightweight extendable search and inspection mirror is easy to use and control even in poor weather conditions and the powerful 400 lumen output lamp provides great illumination to ensure you don`t miss anything during your inspection.

Round 35cm Diam. Trolley Type - Inspection Mirror

Code: SM TM35R


This low cost, trolley type inspection mirror, features a superb 350mm diameter, crystal clear, PMMA plastic mirror in a robust ABS Housing. The special plastic materials used combined with the rubber bumper ensure that the unit is shock and weather resistant, and suitable for use in any sort of environment from extreme heat to extreme cold.